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importantly with his family. with his wife of 57 years, dotty. with his four daughters and his son. and using the words from art onovan's childre painted a picture, his children did refer to him as a bull of a man. certainly history reflects the evidence of that as a young man, he attended notre dame university for one month. withdrew after his first month of college to sign up as a marine and fight in world war ii, and fight he did for four years, including in the battle of iwojima. following the conclusion of world war ii, he enrolled in boston college where he had a stellar college career and then was drafted in 1950, and the inaugural season of the baltimore colts. a career that would bring tremendous onfield accomplishments in his 12 years in the nfl, but it was really his off the field presence that made him such an important part of baltimore. he was every man. he was a blue collar icon and he was a man that, as the priest celebrating today's mass, bishop dennis madden pointed out, art donovan was the only person who didn't realize art donovan was a celebrity. he was on the same level
worried about, these people across here? no, those guys are still using metascan software. if you're blocking the signals, why was aidan carrying a wi-fi card? well, not for this computer. oh, look. a perfect fit. uh, he wouldn't have been able to use it. unless he had an external antenna. a can-tenna. for 50 cents he beat your security. (boaz) oh, for god's sake. i have to check the server. excuse me. you know, it rained friday night. that can would have rust. he must have set it up saturday before the party. twenty knots. whoever left that... those people might have seen him. i was barely here five minutes on saturday. i forgot my tennis permits in my desk. right. kevin didn't stay very long. (goren) right. but-but you came in early on saturday morning, 8:30? yeah, i was catching up. yeah, robert just got back from vacation. oh. you see anybody on the roof saturday? (kevin) i didn't notice anyone out there. you, robbie? saturday? no, i didn't see anyone. not even him? aidan grant. he works over at ubicool. nope, i've never seen him. are you sure? because his desk is practically
in pennsylvania last month was not certified to fly using only onboard instruments. investigators also say that it did not seem that the pilot obtained a weather briefing before taking off. that crash, as you recall, it killed five people, including howard county native bernard kelly and his daughter leanna as well as david jenney junior of towson. the company that owns the helicopter believes it was caught in a thunderstorm at the time of the crash. a west baltimore family is reaching out to police and the community asking for help in tracking down the person they say sexually assaulted their 17- year-old daughter as she waited for a bus. >> she was taken to the back of an abandoned house and she was raped, she was sexually assaulted. we are looking for justice. the man has not been caught yet. we would love to get some information from the community. --dsl happened one week ago dsl happen one week ago near the synagogue gas station. -- dsl happened one week ago near the sunoco gas station. police say they're looking into the case. man ispolis, 26 her old in custody after police say he as
, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. her. she looks to be in her 20s. were they playing back here? no, the mom said they were walking by on their way to school. aw! they carved her up like a turkey. stomach's gone. intestines are gone. i think the reproductive organs are intact, so i guess it's not a lust killing. well, maybe a window. hi, i'm detective barek. can i talk to your kids? what's your names? i'm ellesandra and he's benny. thank you for helping me this morning. where do you live? the white one. on the third floor. is one of those windows your bedroom? why do you ask her that? because they didn't see the body behind the dumpster on their way to school. i mean, you can't see the body from here. but maybe they saw it last night from the window. [speaking spanish] a man put something behind
arm. you got a timeline on his drug use? he's a new recruit. cause of death was respiratory arrest from an overdose. his tan is even between his fingers. spray on. and he got his eyebrows waxed. i doubt he picked up metrosexual grooming tips in grand rapids. there was a party. they didn't see it. who--who didn't see it? russ. where's russ? mrs. corbett, you said "they"? sammie, bernard, they didn't see it. she's lucky to be alive. the amount of heroin in her system should have been enough to kill her. (goren) to kill her? they might have used heroin to chemically restrain them over the long weekend. while their nice townhouse sat empty. this is one of our most distinguished properties. it was designed by stanford white-- oh, my god. ohno! (eames) somebody had a busy weekend. this--this place was a masterpiece. look, they even took the light fixtures. (goren) i see. yeah, i've never seen a burglary quite like this one. i--i think they actually stole the toilet. something was up here. the venus ceiling. venus on a half shell. yeah, it was a one-of-a-kind pressed tin ceiling. i'm gonn
. that brings us to the text question of the day. text yes or no to 88509. standard text messaging rates apply. we will show you the results tonight on 11 news. alert," if you are sending your kid to college for the first time, you might be figuring out how expensive it can be. what not to buy is just as important. this college planner says it might be exciting to buy supplies, but it is better to wait for the big ticket items until your child has settled in and is exactly what they need. he says to resist the temptation to decorate and think twice about a top-tier meal plan. >> start with one of the lowest, because the average college student is not going to be eating three meals a day in a cafeteria. air just not. -- they are just not. ways, skipped out on the car, and double-click college fees, which might not actually need, like health insurance if your son or daughter is already covered under your family plan. when it comes to borrowing, the federal reserve says it is up among americans in some categories. the fed says consumer borrowing rose $14 billion in june, with auto loans and stude
the guys who were selling you. we need you to be brave. they already are. they keep us in a house with bars on the windows. every night, enrique... the one with the scar, and mateo drive us to a different corner. you remember anything about the house or the neighbors? maybe you heard something? no. enrique always plays his music loud. (sister olivia) before i found dorothy, i remember hearing hip-hop music, uh, from outside, from a car, in spanish. uh, could you see out the windows? just these big buildings on top of the highway. i never seen that before. maybe those apartments above the cross-bronx? (goren) desiree, you look very nice today. i was wondering if you always pencil in your eyebrows. no, not until my real ones go away. they fell out. do you use a face cream? something maybe enrique gave you? he get it for us from a botanica. "crema blanqueadora." skin lightener. he can charge more for girls with lighter skin. there's mercury in this. mercury, that's why your eyebrows fell out, because of this. you see where enrique bought this? that's him! enrique, with the scars. police! put y
for used cars. but the vin numbers he gave for the cars are bogus. so he's skimming from his own business. (logan) from his own wife. their fiscal year ends this week. she's about to find out that the books don't add up. i'm thinking drugs. we'll keep that in mind. what else? uh, well, three months ago he donated a car to a charity--urban harvest. a 2002 lexus ls 430. that's a pretty nice car for meals-on-wheels. well, it felt hinky to me too. maybe we rethink the drug angle. maybe we take it from here. (logan) okay. let's say sabo was in hock to a loan shark. he couldn't handle the payments. so he decides to retire the debt. he might have used that car for one of those payments. find out where it really went. joe took it as a trade-in and gave it to charity. joe was a generous guy. yeah, we heard. you didn't happen to see who picked up the car? he took it himself. everything to do with that car, he did himself. everything includes what? tuneup, new tires-- only thing i did was disable the rear air bags. hey, this stormshield stuff. does that really work? it's terrific. but you don't want
to use of a force to defend themselves without the requirement of irritating -- retreating from a deadly situation. >> i am asking them to look at the fact that a 70-year-old who was completely innocent, unarmed was walking home was murdered. when you do it from the economic perspective, it you have to take it seriously. there is subject matter expertise we get from the state of florida. introducedolution last night proclaims council support a federal indictment of george a. zimmerman on civil- rights charges it and investigation finds the charges are warranted. >> think you. right now, her for county community college is now closed due to power outages. we're told it -- we're told uck.tning strike a tractor-trailer overturned on the interstate just before the west northern parkway exit. halted traffic for about three hours. people were completely stopped in traffic, some getting on and out of their cars. we're told one person suffered minor injuries. bulger ead, whitey found guilty. why some families are still not happy. beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progr
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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